Another Great buy and hold property sold! If your looking for great returns on rental properties, please give us a call!

Just sold our little flower property to a local investor! If you’re looking for a great rehab or a rental property like this one please give us a call today!

Another great Bates–Hendricks property sold to one of our local Indianapolis investors! Second property that we sold him in the past couple of months and we appreciate his business!

Just wholesaled this property to one of our local area investors! Going to make a great rehab project for him!

Just sold an awesome property to one of our hedge fund investors! We love doing business with those guys!

Just sold this property to one of our out state investors that we are going to do the construction for. This is going to be a great appreciating rental property. Stay tuned for the AFTER pictures!


  Another St. Clair rehab has started!! Revitalizing Indianapolis is awesome!!

Just got our Southport Property staged! Now time to sell!!!

Painting going on at our St. Clair rehab! Counter top and Island going in later this week!

Granite is in! Backsplash Starts tomorrow.......Ready to get this Southport house on the market!

Just closed last week on this house in Perry Township. We were able to help a seller get out of their situation and also provided a great rehab property for our investor!

Just closed on this great Decatur township property! Going to make a great rental for one of our investors!!" Rents for $1200 plus

Working on one of our rehabs today and look what new billboard just went up! Pretty cool rehabbing a house across the street from your billboard. Please give us a call if you or anyone you know is looking to sell their house! 

New cabinets going in on our Southport rehab! ''Tis the season!" 

Just closed on another great property that’s gonna make a great turn key property to one of our investors!

Another great property to one of our turn key investors! 


Sold another great property to one of our turn key investors!

Demoing the kitchen and bathrooms on the Southport property today!

Tile work is getting done in our Eastern property in St. Clair. Should turn out nice!

 Another great property sold to one of our buy and hold investors!

Just stared painting one of our St. Clair Rehabs. What do you think of the red?


Look at the natural wood of these floors! These are the original floors from the 60's on our Southport Rehab!

Demo and paint stage at Southport property!

Front porch coming off 908 Eastern!!!

 Putting a new roof on 931 Eastern Ave.! Can't wait to get the outside of this project done it's gonna be really cool!

Another happy customer after we just closed on her 92 year old fathers house! We love working with such great people!


Just closed 3755 Erin Ct, Indianapolis, IN 46235 today! This property will make another great rental for one of our out of state investors! If you are looking to buy or sell a home like this, let us know!


Just bought our next rehab in Southport! Starting next week.......


They have started painting 931 Eastern today!

They are sanding are eastern property rehab floors today! Crazy what a good sanding can do! 

Clean out has started at 1145 Dawson St in East Fountain Square!!!

More demoing at Eastern Rehab! Will there be anything left when the demo boys are done??????

Just got 365 E Morris street cleaned out! Great rehab in Bates Hendricks! Please contact us if you would like to purchase rehab projects like.


Just sold 3265 Bluebell Ln to one of our investors today! Going to make a great rental property with rents over $1,000/month. Please contact us if you would like to purchase one of our investment properties or if you have a house to sell. 


We LOVE DEMO day!!! So cool, look at the spindles that were covered up. We so happy to be part of cleaning up the St. Clair Place Area in Indianapolis. The community here is something special...


Our first property we have purchased in Franklin! Going yo make a great rental property for our investor. This 4 bed 3 bath should rent for $1200-$1300 a month!!!!

 Just closed on a new rehab property in St. Clair Place at 931 Eastern Ave! We are excited to start this project and be apart of revitalizing the St. Clair Place area and bring these houses back to their original beauty.......stay tuned! 

We are almost done with painting the outside and inside of 3222 Georgetown Rd project! Kitchen going in this week and then we will be done!!

Another great Wayne Township property sold to one of our great investors! Going to make someone a great double digit return on their investment!


We are finally back to work on 3332 Georgetown Rd project!!! Little delay from contractors but we are hopefully rolling now.......stay tuned for more in this house!
Closing on 531 N Oxford St today! Another happy seller! Now it's time for us to go to work!!!
Just sold our Fleming property! Another great deal for one of our investors! 

Our new Georgetown Rd "Eagledale" rehab project is set to begin!!! Let the fun begin! 

731 Worcester rehab is finished and sold! Another great rental that is going to earn our investor double digit returns! Want a nice investment property like this? Please give us a call at 3617-608-6538. 317-999-7252 and 317-696-5988.